Norton Antivirus Issue
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How to Fix Norton Antivirus Issue!

The security of the system using anti-virus is absolutely authentic and necessary. If you want a proper security solution for securing your computer data and networks you must go for Norton antivirus because it is worth it. But you are also the one who is suffering from Norton Antivirus issues. Anti-virus is generally what to solve all the problems of the system. What will happen if the security system or the antivirus starts giving a problem! Before we discuss how to fix the problems, let us know what are the problems first.

Installation Errors

The very first step while setting up an Antivirus in a system is to install the anti- virus properly. There are some problems related to installation of Norton antivirus in some of the systems. There is an error message on the screen 91 you try to install Norton antivirus. There can be multiple reasons behind Norton Antivirus showing installation error. There can be related to hardware specifications or software related problems.
In order to fix this problem, it is advisable that Norton setup must be downloaded from the official website of it instead of any kind of links which take you to the website. Go to the website directly and then directly download it.

Norton Setup Related Errors

The way there could be problem in installing Norton anti-virus. Some users have also reported they were able to successfully launche it but they were not able to complete the last step to reach the setup. This is also not acceptable.
To solve Norton setup related errors, the solution is same. Norton antivirus setup must be downloaded from the official website of Northern and no other website or link.

Norton Unable to Open

Some uses about a complaint that if they are capable of launching the Antivirus system or setting it up; there is some problem related to opening the files. It happens with the files which are tried to be scanned using Norton antivirus. There are multiple reasons for this problem. The reasons could be that the files are corrupted, or damaged. The files might have got deleted mistakenly from the program. There are certain permissions which are acquired by the antivirus programs in support of the files. If the file is not in the required format, there could be insufficient permission by the antivirus program.
The solution is pretty simple. Generally when there is any problem in any kind of hardware or software, we tend to repair it. Similar is the solution in Norton Antivirus also. One needs to go to the repair tool in the computer or laptop and get the repair done in favor of Norton Antivirus system. After sometime you will see the desired change in Norton antivirus.
Even after using the repair tool you are not able to open it; then it is time to follow these steps. The very first step is to download the Norton remove and reinstall tool. This tool will help you remove the old Norton antivirus version and reinstall the Norton antivirus program. Now please press Ctrl + J key in order to open the window of downloads in the browser. Put double click on NRnR icon. There will be a licensed agreement on the screen and you need to click on the option of I agree. So you have to options to either remove it or reinstall it. If you click on remove, click ‘continue’. If you reinstall it, get ready to complete the setup once again. Now it's time to restart the Computer. This will solve all the problems and the problem of Norton Antivirus issue will be definitely fixed.

Norton Antivirus Unable to Scan

The first and foremost function of any Antivirus system is to scan the files. If the antivirus is not able to do so, what is the purpose of keeping it in your system! They may not be able to open certain files of the program because the message says that the files are corrupt or damaged. There could be the reason of files getting deleted mistakenly. The anti-virus program standards may not format the files because of different format or some other reason.
To fix this problem of Norton antivirus, balance one again needs to go to the repair tool in the system. The repair tool is meant for solving such problems which are general in nature. Once you click the repair tool, you will automatically follow the right path and check if there is any kind of damage which is done to the files saved in the system's memory.

Errors While Updating

Today we are in the world of digitalization. The major role has been played by smart phones and their applications. So we are all aware of the concept of updating the application. Similarly the anti-virus program in the system also needs to be updated. This update of the antivirus makes it perform better and if there are any kind of new features which are launched by the developer, those are automatically included in the Antivirus program during the process of updating the anti-virus program. There can be multiple reasons behind this error too. There may be some kind of corrupt file which is creating this problem or network related issue which is pretty common these days.
If the issue related to network or internet persists, when you need to restart your PC and follow the steps as mentioned below. After your PC gets restarted, go to ‘Settings’, this option is available in ‘detailed settings’. You will find an option of 'turn off' just next to 'smart firewall'. Then you must go to the protection alert box and click on 'apply' and then 'ok' in order to confirm that the firewall has been turned down. Now it's time to restart PC once again and open the Norton Antivirus program. So the solution is trial and error method. Keep trying to update the antivirus program and keep working to solve the problem. Otherwise you may need to re-launch or download the entire set up once again. Either of them is feasible.

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Norton Antivirus Issue
Average Rating: 3.8
Votes: 13
Reviews: 40

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